Edwards' Atlas of McPherson Co. Kansas
Compiled, Drawn and Published
from personal examinations and surveys by
John P. Edwards -- Quincy, Illinois. -- 1884

Patrons' List
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Advertising Directory
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Map of the State of Kansas
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Map of McPherson County

township maps
Battle Hill Twp
Bonaville Twp
Canton Twp
Castle Twp
Delmore Twp
Empire Twp
Groveland Twp
Gypsum Creek Twp
Harper Twp
Hayes Twp
Jackson Twp
King City Twp
Little Valley Twp
Lone Tree Twp
McPherson Twp
Meridian Twp
Mound Twp
New Gottland Twp
Sharp's Creek Twp
Smoky Hill Twp
South Sharp's Creek Twp
Spring Valley Twp
Superior Twp
Turkey Creek Twp
Union Twp

city & town maps
City of McPherson
         part a      part b
City of Lindsborg
King City

Thanks to Kevin Beakey
of the McPherson County Mapping Office
for digitizing this atlas

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