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Fire TV (selected channels)

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But first . . .

If you already have an RBdigital account with the State Library
for downloading eAudiobooks . . . 
   1)  To access our RBdigital Streaming via a laptop or PC, simply follow the browser instructions below to set up a separate McPherson Public Library RBdigital account. 
   2)  To access both your MPL RBdigital Streaming account and your State Library RBdigital account via the same mobile app, follow the instructions in our Dual Profile User Guide.
   3)  Remember that it’s easier to register first on our MPL RBdigital brower site and then open your State Library account on the RBdigital app and add your MPL profile.


If you want to access RBdigital using an app
for viewing on mobile devices, consult our Mobile App Guide


If you want to access RBdigital using a browser
for viewing on a laptop or PC:
    1)  Visit our McPherson Public Library RBdigital browser site.
    2)  Consult our Browser Guide


If you want to view RBdigital on your TV
You have different options for connecting mobile devices, laptops, and PCs to your television for viewing our streaming channels.  It depends on your TV and your device.  Here is some advice from PC Magazine which may be helpful in getting started:
    1)  How to Connect Your Laptop to Your PC 
    2)  How to Connect Your Android Phone (or Tablet) to Your TV 
    3)  How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

Fire TV

If you want to access RBdigital using an app on Fire TV
for viewing AcornTV, IndieFlix, Stingray Quello, or Pongalo channels:
   1)  Set up your RBdigital account on either a mobile device or a PC/laptop. 
   2)  Visit the Amazon site, search for the app for the channel you would like to view, and download it to your Fire TV device.
   3)  On your TV, open Fire TV, click on the app, and follow the setup instructions.



If you need assistance or technical support
we will do our best to help you — contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.  We may refer you to the helpful RBdigital Support Team (; feel free to contact them any time.

More Information

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