Ben Crouch is a native of McPherson.  After graduating from Kansas State University, Ben began working in the I.T. field in Florida as a network administrator.  Eager to start his own business using the principals and technologies he learned in Florida, he returned to McPherson and and is starting an enterprise as a managed service provider.


Is your computer sitting the corner collecting dust? Technology Specialist Ben Crouch is here to help you become more comfortable and familiar with your computer so you can use it as an asset, rather than a paperweight. Classes are designed to be user friendly and hands-on, so you can gain the tools you need to stay safe and secure on your computer, and eventually begin to use it as a tool to make your life easier.

This is a four part series. If you would like to attend all four, you must register for each class separately.  All classes begin at 10:30 a.m. in the library meeting room and last one hour.  Registration is required.

Bring your laptop computer if you can, but this is not required. However, computers will not be provided for this workshop.  If you do bring your laptop, please have a full charge on the battery, as there are no charging areas in the meeting room.

February 4 – Security
Implementing Built-in Security on Windows

Working with antivirus, firewall protections, and security software so you stay safe online.

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February 11 – Staying Safe
Protecting Ourselves against Ourselves

Putting safeguards in place to prevent social engineering attacks. This session will include multi-factor authentication, using built-in backup features, practicing safe download techniques, etc.

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February 18 – What’s the Cloud?
Leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud Options

What is the Cloud and how can I benefit from it?

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February 25 – Great Windows Features
Great Features in Microsoft Windows

This session is a mixed bag of useful applications and features that can enhance everyday computer usage.

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