Imagine that every time one of your favorite authors published a book, the library contacted you and let you know that it was in and ready for you to read . . .

It’s no dream — it’s reality, with our Automatic Advance Reserve program!

We are on standing order to receive the latest titles from many popular novelists. When you sign up for our AAR program, we’ll automatically place your name on the reserve list for the newest from your favorite authors.



How can I sign up?
Simply visit the library — or sign up online when you log into our catalog — where you may choose your favorites from a selection of over 150 authors. 

How am I placed on the reserve list?
When publishers notify us of the publication of a particular novel, we place the names of patrons who indicated an interest in the author on the reserve list in random, computer-generated order.

How will I know when my AAR book is ready to pick up?
As soon as your name is matched with an available copy, we will contact you according to your preferences and let you know that it is ready and waiting. You will have seven days to pick up your book.

Will I have to wait a year with those popular authors with long reserve lists?
No. We order multiple copies of many titles to meet the demand of our patrons. We also reduce the loan period to two weeks on many high-demand titles so that your wait will be minimal.

What if I change my mind after I register and want to add or delete authors’ names?
Sign into your account through our catalog to update preferences. Under the Reserves/Requests tab, look for the like “Have some favorite authors?” and choose your authors in the drop down menu or give us a call and tell us that you would like to change your AAR profile. 

The Automatic Advance Reserve service is made possible by
the McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund