The goal of the Endowment is to insure that the citizens of McPherson have access to a superior array of library materials, resources, services, and facilities.

The Endowment serves to enhance the quality of the collections and services provided by our library.

In Action Now

The McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund currently provides support
for the following library services, programs, and collections

Out of the Past

The McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund was started by members of the Board of Trustees in 1983 and established through a community fund drive. The Board stipulated that no interest revenues would be available for use by the library until the Endowment reached $100,000, which it did six years later in 1989.

Focus on Our Future

Your tax-deductible gift to the McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund will enable us to continue providing superior library resources for our community, both now and into the future.  

For more information about the Endowment, or to discuss a possible gift, please contact the Library Director, or contribute now using our 

McPherson is extremely fortunate to have the resources available to maintain a library of this caliber.  The library Endowment Fund makes it possible to continue providing these necessary resources, stimulating minds at every level.  Supporting the library is a priority for us.
                                                              ~ Larry & Pat Bruce