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Your family can never have too many books around the house.  The McPherson Public Library is a partner with the United Way of McPherson County and their Dolly Parton Imagination Library program.  You can receive a free, age-appropriate book for your child in the mail each month until their fifth birthday.  Enroll now!

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Comics Plus

Children’s Library

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You now have unlimited comics, graphic novels and manga at your fingertips.

NOTE: In order to us Comics Plus, you must first create an account by logging into and clicking the green Sign Up Here button. When registering you can select “Children’s Library” which will only allow access to materials for ages 5-14.

Explora Kids
Supports both student research and classroom instruction with reliable content and easy-to-use functionality.

Britannica School Elementary 
An information-packed age appropriate resource from  Encyclopaeda Brittanica.

Mango Languages
Interested in learning Punjabi or Pirate?  How about Scottish Gaelic or Finnish?  With Mango Languages, there are over 70 languages just waiting for you to dive in and start talking.

Scholastic Bookflix
This is the perfect combination of animated picture books combined with a related non-fiction book.  Ideal for the early reader who is always ready to learn more.

Britannica E-Stax
This resource has over 1,000 non-fiction titles, ready to read online or download.

World Almanac for Kids 
A very easy to use resource for early learning about everything from energy to being a good citizen.  Complete with videos, maps, facts and games, this is a great educational tool.

A collection of books and resources from a variety of children’s book publishers.  It is designed for independent reading and skill building.