Whether you’re researching family history, local history, or world history, maps play a critical role in helping us discover where people lived and the context of their lives. The resources on this page give you the tools you need.



Atlas of Historical County Boundaries 
An award-winning site from the Newberry Library which includes comprehensive interactive maps of states, their counties and changes in their boundaries.

Map of US
Provides county formation maps but in a different format.

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
Not only civers the historical context for the times in which our ancestors lived, but great fun to browse!

National & International

Historic Map Works 
A commercial site with an impressive selection of maps, as well as a powerful search engine.  Their collection of old county atlases is particularly useful.  Free to view.

David Rumsey Map Collection 
A tremendous collection!  Each map is available for download in several sizes for free. 

Library of Congress Maps
Some 34,000 maps, most from the United States. Easy to search and view.

Create and customize maps from the U.S. and all over the world to use in your research, presentations, or family history books.

randymajors.com Research Hub
Allows you to customize Google Maps with county lines, section-township-range grids, and other features.  Free to use; a donation buys you full screen map display and no ads.

Without geography, you’re nowhere!                      ~ Jimmy Buffett