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Bloom by Andrea Fuhrman

now through December 28

“Every painting that I complete is a result of my wrestling with the question: how do my origins – the people and places and events of my past – affect my life today, and can I come to some sort of peace with them? The answers to my questions have been slow in revealing themselves to me, and I know that they may never do so.
The glazing process that I use for the majority of my paintings is similar to the emotional process that I have experienced. Glazing involves the patient, time-consuming application of layer after thin layer of paint, letting each wash dry before adding the next. No colors are mixed on the palette – instead, they are applied to the paper in their pure form. Subsequent washes of paint will determine the resulting color. Painting in this manner requires much planning, patience, and forethought as each piece goes through many awkward, even ugly stages before revealing the finished product. As I work, I impatiently endure nursing my works through these stages so I can see the end result that I envisioned as I planned the piece.
My paintings are really about emotional growth and overcoming obstacles from the past. They express my acceptance of the duality of life: positive coming from negative, beauty from ugliness.” -Krystall