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McPherson Quilters Guild

now through February 29th

Artist Statement

The McPherson Quilt Guild will be displaying quilts completed as a challenge by the 2023 Guild President, which was a round-robin challenge.

The challenge consisted of four groups of five or six. Each member of the group created their own center and then at each meeting beginning in February each group member gave their center to another member in the group to complete a border by the next Guild meeting.

The groups had until our September meeting to complete their quilts tops and then have them quilted by January to hang in the McPherson Library. Groups two and three will be showcasing their quilts in January and then groups one and four will showcase in February.

Also, quilts from a workshop in October by Kansas Troubles will also be showcased. We hope you enjoy the work from the McPherson Quilt Guild.

Attached are two of the quilts that will be showcased in January and/or February.