Sarah Allen

Showing for the months of June-July

Artist Statement

Sarah D. Allen, a native of McPherson, Kansas, has embraced a multifaceted life journey
marked by creativity, family, and a passion for the paranormal. Born and raised in the heartland
town of McPherson, Sarah’s roots run deep in the Kansas landscape. A dedicated single mother
of two children, Sarah’s role has expanded to grandmotherhood, adding a new layer of joy and
fulfillment to her life. Her commitment to family echoes in her every endeavor. Since 2011,
Sarah has served as the founder and lead investigator of the McPherson Paranormal Society,
delving fearlessly into the mysteries that lie beyond the ordinary. With a keen sense of curiosity
and a thirst for understanding the unknown, Sarah has forged a reputation for her steadfast
pursuit of the paranormal truths that linger in the shadows.

Sarah’s formative years were spent in Marquette, Kansas, where she cultivated her spirit of exploration and inquiry. She attended Smokey Valley High School in Lindsborg, Kansas, where she laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. Driven by a deep-seated passion for artistic expression, Sarah embarked on a
journey as an aspiring artist in 2008. Despite lacking formal training, her innate talent and
unwavering determination propelled her forward. Through self-teaching and relentless pursuit of
improvement, Sarah has honed her craft over the years. Her artwork, imbued with a sense of
wonder and emotion, has captured the hearts of many. Sarah’s paintings, reflective of her
unique perspective on life and the world around her, have found homes in the hearts and
spaces of art enthusiasts. With each stroke of her brush, Sarah continues to explore the
boundless possibilities of her artistic vision, pushing the boundaries of her creativity with
unwavering passion and dedication.

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