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I Noticed:  Visual Stories
Watercolors by Susan Bartel

March 1 through April 27

Watercolor is artist Susan Bartel’s passion.  She views painting as a way of exploring the world — capturing the light at that perfect second or exploring overlooked details.

Moments of awe in the familiar, the common, are my inspiration. I hope to convey the emotion I feel when noticing and experiencing these slices of time. I have learned that what I have not painted, I have not really seen.  I covet the unexpected miracles that happen in watercolor – 

it’s a dance between control and letting the colors mix and sing on  the palette. When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of wonder at the beauty of color and the world we inhabit. “

Bartel uses a limited palette, often preferring to work with only three primary colors, watching the colors mix on the painting, rather than the palette.

Though she has lived in many places, she considers herself a midwesterner.  She resides with her husband in North Newton. She is a signature member of the Kansas Watercolor Society.

Header image: detail from “After the Sandman”, by Matthew Miller