Master Index by Last Name F - G

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Fairchild, Almon1872King CityVol 1 Part A
Falen, John Axel 1878Smoky HillVol 8 Part A
Falk, Carl (Charles) Gustaf1880HayesVol 1 Part A
Fedrau,Jacob1879SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Feldt, Gust & Christina1876EmpireVol 2 Part A
Felton, Joseph Boyd1872King CityVol 4 Part A
Fensky, August Ferdinand1897MeridianVol 8 Part A
Ferm, John1868Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Fernberg, John Eric1879EmpireVol 3 Part A
Ferris, Forrest Clinton1880HayesVol 4 Part A
Fields, Samuel Adams sr1883King CityVol 5 Part A
Finkle, Joseph1872Lone TreeVol 1 Part A
Finney, Carl1871Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Finney, Johanna Eleanora1871Smoky HillVol 3 Part A
Fisher, Simon Peter1871HarperVol 1 Part A
Fisk, Chancey D 1872MoundVol 2 Part A
Flensburg, Nils Persson1884BonavilleVol 7 Part A
Fleur, Johan Peter1884UnionVol 4 Part A
Flickner, Andreas (Andrew)1874Turkey CreekVol 2 Part A
Flickner, Peter A 1853MoundVol 4 Part A
Flohr, Johan Peter  (see Johan Peter Fleur)   
Florman, Olof1873CastleVol 1 Part A
Forsberg, Alfred Magnus & Lorisa Gypsum CreekVol 6 Part A
Fortner, Benjamin A 1880Battle HillVol 3 Part A
Frantz, Carl Simon1878UnionVol 3 Part A
Franz, Peter1885SuperiorVol 5 Part A
Frederickson, Hannah  (see Hannah Nelson)   
Freeburg, Gustaf1889EmpireVol 4 Part A
Gabrielson, Zacharias1875 Vol 3 Part A
Galle, Jacob1877MoundVol 5 Part A
Ganson, William Lawrence1876DelmoreVol 2 Part A
Garrelts, William M1887EmpireVol 5 Part A
Gatz, Charles C1889JacksonVol 6 Part A
Gayer, George Henry1876New GottlandVol 5 Part A
George, William Henry (Dr)1873CantonVol 1 Part A
Gibbs, James1875CantonVol 1 Part A
Gibson, Bertel1873McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Gibson, Charles J 1885Smoky HillVol 4 Part A
Giesel, John William1900EmpireVol 8 Part A
Goering, Christian Daniel1874MoundVol 2 Part A
Goering, Christian J 1874MoundVol 5 Part A
Goering, Jacob D  (Rev)1874MoundVol 3 Part A
Goering, Jacob H 1874MoundVol 4 Part A
Goering, Jacob J 1874MoundVol 5 Part A
Goering, Joe C 1874MoundVol 5 Part A
Goering, Johann & Freni1874Turkey CreekVol 7 Part A
Goering, John C 1874MoundVol 5 Part A
Goering, John J 1874MoundVol 5 Part A
Grant, Carl Eben1876New GottlandVol 5 Part A
Grant, Charles Oscar1876New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Grant, John P1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Graves, John Martin1872GrovelandVol 1 Part A
Graves, John Stephen (Dr)1886SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Graves, Stephen Hardy1879SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Graves, William Wallace1887SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Gray, Deleslie Vincent1874King CityVol 9
Gray, Rawleigh (Rollie) M 1886King CityVol 5 Part A
Gröndal, Bror Gustaf & Sarah Margaret1887Smoky HillVol 7 Part A
Gronermann, Heinrich1879MeridianVol 7 Part A
Gum, Charles Daniel1872JacksonVol 9
Gustafson, Andrew J1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Gustafson, August1887Gypsum CreekVol 5 Part A
Gustafson, Carl John1872McPhersonVol 2 Part A