Master Index by Last Name H - J

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Hagberg, Andrew Johan1869UnionVol 1 Part A
Hagberg, Matilda1869UnionVol 5 Part A
Hahn, John1891SuperiorVol 6 Part A
Haight, Joseph Beverly1871McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Håkanson, Åke & Brita1868 Vol 1 Part A
Hall, Merritt J1884King CityVol 6 Part A
Hall, William Alexander1877GrovelandVol 2 Part A
Hanna, James Thompkins1870Lone TreeVol 1 Part A
Hanson, Carl Johan1871New GottlandVol 4 Part A
Hanson, Hans & Lisa  (see Anders Erickson)1869MarquetteVol 1 Part A
Hanson, Hans Maurice sr1903MarquetteVol 6 Part A
Hanson, Johan B 1882BonavilleVol 5 Part A
Hanson, Nels1870 Vol 4 Part A
Hapgood, George Thomas1892Smoky HillVol 6 Part A
Harder, Johann1874SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Harder, Johann1874SuperiorVol 8 Part A
Harms, Bernhard Abraham1890SuperiorVol 6 Part A
Harrison, Elizabeth1874CantonVol 8 Part A
Harrison, Webber Morrow1874CantonVol 9
Hart, Swan1870MarquetteVol 5 Part A
Hartup, Anna (Simpson)1870McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Hassman, Frederick Rudolph1892GrovelandVol 7 Part B
Hauck, William1884King CityVol 4 Part A
Haugsted, Rasmus1872New GottlandVol 4 Part A
Haury, Jacob1881MoundVol 3 Part A
Hawkinson, Alfred1870UnionVol 1 Part A
Hays, Ancil1876MeridianVol 5 Part A
Hays, George Harry1876MeridianVol 5 Part A
Hayward, Polly (Clark)1873GrovelandVol 6 Part A
Heckethorn, Oran W1872 Vol 2 Part A
Hedberg, Erick1869MarquetteVol 1 Part A
Hedin, Lars1869New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Hedinger, Karl Ulrick Godfrey (Dr)1893CantonVol 5 Part A
Hedlund, Nils1870New GottlandVol 5 Part A
Hedlund, Peter  (see Nils Olsson)   
Hedstrom, John1869BonavilleVol 7 Part B
Heidebrecht, Peter & Cornelia1874Turkey CreekVol 2 Part A
Heidebrecht, Peter G 1874Turkey CreekVol 4 Part A
Helander, Lewis1868UnionVol 6 Part A
Helberg, Gustaf1887BonavilleVol 8 Part A
Hempsted, A C 1874GrovelandVol 6 Part A
Henrich, James1883South Sharp’s CreekVol 8 Part A
Henry Whiteside Burnett1875Battle HillVol 2 Part A
Hetzke, Herman1875MeridianVol 2 Part A
Hill, Peter1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Hill, William Fred1876JacksonVol 9
Hillaker, Nancy (Martin)1877Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part A
Hillgren, Margareta1870Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Hillgren, Olof William1870Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Hirschler, Christian1874MoundVol 2 Part A
Hites, John Robert1879GrovelandVol 3 Part A
Hites, Marcus Lafayette1881GrovelandVol 3 Part A
Hjarteson, Swan  (see Swan Hart)   
Hjerpe, Frederick Nils1870Smoky HillVol 5 Part A
Hochstrasser, Gottlieb1893JacksonVol 5 Part A
Hoefer, Frederick H1874Little ValleyVol 8 Part A
Hoglund, J O 1870DelmoreVol 4 Part A
Hoglund, John M 1879DelmoreVol 6 Part A
Hokanson, Isaac1870UnionVol 5 Part A
Holcom, George Washington1884DelmoreVol 7 Part B
Holdeman, David S1873MeridianVol 8 Part A
Holdeman, John A1871MeridianVol 1 Part A
Holmes, Jefferson1871Lone TreeVol 5 Part A
Hopkins, Milton M 1873GrovelandVol 5 Part A
Hopp, John1869MarquetteVol 9
Horn, James1886GrovelandVol 4 Part A
Houghton, Truman Hulbert1874DelmoreVol 4 Part A
Hoyer, J W F 1889Little ValleyVol 5 Part A
Hughes, John Fletcher1867MarquetteVol 1 Part A
Huldtquist, Lars Frederick1866UnionVol 5 Part A
Hull, Benjamin Jefferson1889King CityVol 4 Part A
Hulse, George McClellan1884CastleVol 7 Part B
Hulse, Thomas Glen1884HarperVol 5 Part A
Hultberg, Franc G1884McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Hultgren, Carl Johan1869MeridianVol 7 Part B
Hultgren, Elmer Sidney1870MarquetteVol 7 Part B
Hultgren, Hanna Sophia (Larson)1869MarquetteVol 7 Part B
Hultgren, John Anders1869MarquetteVol 7 Part B
Hultgren, John Peter1887DelmoreVol 5 Part A
Hultgren, John Peter1887New GottlandVol 9
Hultgren, Ludwig Axel1869MarquetteVol 7 Part B
Hultquist, John August1887McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Hutchinson, Geroge Thomas & Cynthia1875CantonVol 1 Part A
Hutchison, John Barber1881McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Hutchison, Talley & Mattie1891McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Ingermanson, Peter John Andrew1884UnionVol 4 Part A
Ingram, John A 1876Battle HillVol 4 Part A
Jackson, Frederick1870McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Jacobson, Andrew1885Gypsum CreekVol 6 Part B
Jacobson, August1868Smoky HillVol 6 Part B
Jacobson, Nils Petter1890Smoky HillVol 8 Part B
Jansson, Gustaf1868New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Jansson, Jonas1872DelmoreVol 1 Part A
Jansson, Maria  (see Maria Johnson)   
Jansson, Marta Lisa  (see Marta Lisa Nelson)   
Jansson, Per Johan1882UnionVol 7 Part B
Jantz, Heinrich J1875Lone TreeVol 8 Part B
Jantz, Jacob B 1877MeridianVol 3 Part A
Johanson, Daniel  (see Daniel Engdahl)   
Johanson, Lars Frederick (see Lars Huldtquist)   
Johnson, Amanda Catherine (Quist)1884HayesVol 5 Part A
Johnson, Anna (Nelson)1874Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Johnson, August1882Smoky HillVol 8 Part B
Johnson, C A 1880HayesVol 4 Part A
Johnson, Carl Erik1869BonavilleVol 9
Johnson, Carl Gustav1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Johnson, Carl Wilhelm1884MarquetteVol 6 Part B
Johnson, Charles Frederick1871HarperVol 6 Part B
Johnson, Charles Gustaf1892DelmoreVol 7 Part B
Johnson, Clara Mathilda  (see Clara Mathilda Anderson)   
Johnson, Daniel1870Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Johnson, George Elvis1876CantonVol 2 Part A
Johnson, Gustaf1866Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Johnson, Gustaf1868New GottlandVol 8 Part B
Johnson, Gustav1868New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Johnson, J F1868Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Johnson, John Ludvig1884HayesVol 5 Part A
Johnson, John P1880DelmoreVol 9
Johnson, John Patrick1885McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Johnson, John Peter  (see John Peter Hultgren)   
Johnson, Jonas1869DelmoreVol 5 Part A
Johnson, Jons Petter1880McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Johnson, Joseph Newbury1871CantonVol 2 Part A
Johnson, Lars Magnus  (see Louis Norberg)   
Johnson, Lars Peter1869DelmoreVol 6 Part B
Johnson, Lewis & Emile 1880CastleVol 3 Part A
Johnson, Magnus1884Smoky HillVol 5 Part A
Johnson, Maria (Jansson)1870DelmoreVol 1 Part A
Johnson, Otto1882UnionVol 2 Part A
Johnson, Per August1878Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Johnson, Peter V & Hannah1880BonavilleVol 7 Part B
Johnson, Siver1871Battle HillVol 2 Part A
Johnson, Sven P1880EmpireVol 8 Part B
Jones, Martin Mitchell1873CantonVol 2 Part A
Jonson, Nils Magnus1872Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Jonsson, Gustaf  (see Gustaf Patrick)   
Jonsson, Gustaf Wilhelm & Christina1882New GottlandVol 4 Part A
Jönsson, John Peter1888 Vol 9
Jönsson, Jon  (see John Ostlind sr)   
Jonsson, Lars Olof  (see John Hopp)   
Juhnke, Carl & Frances1883Turkey CreekVol 4 Part A
Jukes, Richard jr1867Smoky HillVol 1 Part A